Organization:  St. David's Foundation
Position:  Vice President of Community Programs
About the Organization:

St. David's Foundation is one of the largest health foundations in the United States, providing over $70 million of direct funding to the community with an $80 million total community benefit impact annually in the five-county Central Texas area. The Foundation is anticipating growth of up to $100 million over the next few years. Through a unique partnership with St. David's Healthcare, the Foundation reinvests proceeds from the hospital back into the community, with the goal of advancing health equity and improving the health and well-being of the most underserved populations in Central Texas. St. David's Healthcare itself is a partnership between the hospital management company HCA, St. David's Foundation, and Georgetown Health Foundation. Since the inception of this visionary partnership in 1996, more than $400 million have been given back to the community to improve the health and healthcare of people in Central Texas.

The Foundation invests to solve the most pressing health challenges across its community, especially for those traditionally left out–the underserved and uninsured. The Foundation believes that all Central Texans should have the opportunity to achieve optimal health. Health equity is achieved when it can no longer be predicted how healthy a person is–or will be–by their race, ethnicity, gender, or zip code. All of the Foundation’s goals and principles are guided by a commitment to achieving health equity.Access to high-quality medical care is essential to overall health. While some aspects of a person’s health depend on individual behavior and choice, approximately 80% of health is shaped by community-wide factors. Problems such as poverty, unemployment, inadequate housing, lack of public transportation, low educational attainment and neighborhood deterioration shape a person’s health. Many of these factors–economic, environmental, educational and behavioral–exist outside of the healthcare system and are the most influential drivers of health.

The Foundation is committed to taking a strengths-based approach to social services in which it listens to and trusts the communities it serves, and where it can work alongside grantees and partners to strengthen institutions that support health, such as strong safety net and specialty care clinics, while also prioritizing the other factors that contribute to health and well-being. St. David's Foundation grantmaking is currently focused on the strategic goals of resilient children, healthy women and girls, older adults aging in place, thriving rural communities, and clinics as community hubs for health. Along with grantmaking, St. David's Foundation focuses on learning and evaluation, and community engagement strategies that include a number of renowned programs such as mobile dental services, healthcare scholarships, and AgingWell, a program for aging adults and their caretakers.

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Job Description:

The Vice President of Community Programs (VPCP) oversees the direct service portfolio of the Foundation, including the Mobile Dental Program and Scholarship Program—two of the largest and most successful examples of such programs in the country. The VPCP will also lead efforts to engage with external constituencies to help grow and support a philanthropic culture in Austin and throughout Central Texas. The VPCP will develop, implement and support the Foundation’s direct program agenda in alignment with the Foundation’s strategic vision and direction. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), the VPCP will serve as a strategist, advisor and project manager to the President and CEO. The VPCP, along with other Foundation leaders, shares the responsibility of being a “face of the Foundation” in the community with the President and CEO and may be asked to speak on behalf of the Foundation both locally and nationally. This position requires proven strategic and change management leadership, business acumen, strong public speaking skills, political savvy, diplomacy and attention to detail, combined with a demeanor and actions that align with the Foundation’s culture and core values of Collaboration, Community, Compassion, Innovation, and Stewardship. This is a newly-created position that has emerged out of a strategic reorganization of the Foundation. The VPCP will report to the President and CEO, Dr. Edward B. Burger, who joined the Foundation in 2020.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Direct Community Programs (80%)
1.Strategic oversight of the Foundation’s direct service programs, including the Dental and Scholarship Programs.
2.In the short- and intermediate-term, working closely with the Dental leadership team to provide direction and support in implementing selected recommendations from a soon-to-be-completed external review to further enhance the Dental Program and its strong culture.
3.Effectively facilitate collaboration between the Community Affairs (Neal Kocurek Scholarship program, Toast of the Town, AgingWell), Dental, and other Foundation teams.
4.Amplify the Foundation’s direct service programs to make that work flourish as a cohesive centerpiece of the Foundation’s strategic goals.
5.Assess and evaluate the capacity to effectively raise additional funds for sponsorships and the Dental Program, as well as partner with the Foundation’s capacity-building efforts to help build financial infrastructure for grantees who seek to enhance their development efforts.
6.Work with Foundation leadership to develop and implement the Foundation’s overall community programs strategy for delivering on the vision, consistent with the direction set by the Foundation’s board.
7.Establish relationships and work with peer Foundation teams to support the integration of the Foundation’s engagement capacity across the organization and look for opportunities for cross-collaboration.
8.Manage relationships with consultants and partner organizations for community program work, as appropriate.
9.Work with team members to develop, plan, coordinate and implement community coalition-building and engagement activities.
10.Oversee the delivery of direct services to ensure they follow best practices standards, as well as strengthen community collaborative efforts to advance health equity.
11.In partnership and collaboration with the Community Investments’ team, intentionally plan for increases in philanthropic giving in priority areas over time.
12.Develop and lead community philanthropy roundtables.
13.Engage with the Central Texas community on emergent issues of importance connected with community programs that relate to the Foundation’s mission, strategic vision and direction.
14.Develop and manage the Community Programs budget, ensuring fiscal stewardship and budgetary compliance.

Along with other members of the Executive Leadership Team, Support and Advise the Foundation President & CEO (10%): 

1.Coordinate and integrate staff efforts to reduce duplication and uncover synergies and opportunities.
2.Direct strategic planning and implementation, as necessary.
3.Protect strategic priorities against dilution and mission creep.
4.Facilitate successful outcomes of challenges and concerns with appropriate points of contact.
5.Focus on organizational goals and oversee special projects and emergent work.
6.Anticipate risks and needs to achieve optimal outcomes and prevent undesirable ones.
7.Support operational and strategic budget management.
8.Build trust among leadership and Foundation staff.

Leadership (5%):
1.Work closely with Foundation leadership to ensure a cohesive and intentional mission throughout the organization that supports and enhances a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion.
2.Serve as a trusted advisor and resource to support collaboration, positive culture, team building, management, communication and cohesiveness.
3.Perform other duties as assigned by the President & CEO.

Special Projects (5%)
1.Lead and manage a portfolio of special projects and initiatives of importance to the Foundation as directed by the President & CEO.

Candidate Qualifications:

1.Bachelor’s degree in relevant field.
2.Minimum of 15 years of experience in a complex leadership and management role, including a minimum of five years of related experience at a senior staff level.
3.Experience with philanthropy and public health (for example, public advocacy work, health/clinical systems, community health, health equity, healthcare, social impact, nonprofit sector, and/or development).
4.Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
5.Willingness and ability, when asked, to travel occasionally to multiple locations, including some nights and weekends.

1.Advanced degree in relevant field.
2.Minimum of 20 years of experience in a complex leadership and management role, including a minimum of 10 years of related experience at a senior staff level supporting a Board of Directors.3.Minimum of 15 years of experience in healthcare, philanthropy, public health, nonprofit, or social program implementation and management.

How to Apply:  Candidates must apply through the St. David’s Foundation jobs portal: