PRSA Austin Chapter Election Information

Board Role, Description and Responsibilities

Board Qualifications

  • Applicants for the PRSA Austin Chapter Board must be members in good standing.
  • Board Applicants must have two or more years of professional experience.
  • No minimum level of professional experience is required for committee members.

Board Responsibilities

  • Know the organization’s mission, purposes, goals, policies, programs, services, strengths and needs.
  • Perform duties of Board membership responsibly and at a level of competence expected from Bard members.
  • Serve in a leadership position and undertake special assignments willingly and in a timely manner.
  • Serve as a liaison for any assigned committee(s) or a task force, reporting to the Board regularly through written and oral communication.
  • Call to the attention of the chapter’s President and/or its chief operating officer issues of potential significance to the chapter.
  • Serve as a chapter ambassador for members and potential members.

Time commitment

Members of the Board can expect the following time commitments:

  • Participate in-person or by video/phone in monthly Board meetings (approx. 1 hour long).
  • Attend monthly PRSA Austin Chapter events and actively encourage support and attendance by colleagues.
  • Participate in committee meetings outside of monthly Board meetings, as appropriate, to be determined by the committee chair.
  • For detailed requirements and responsibilities of each Board position, click here.

Board Members are expected to:

  • Participate in a minimum of nine Board meetings throughout the year
  • Attend a minimum of six Chapter events
  • Participate in planning of Chapter events, including drafting promotional and program copy
  • Greet and network with attendees at Chapter events
  • Assist with recruiting new members
  • Assist with fresh content for the Chapter website
  • Assist with social media content


  • Direct overall chapter operations
  • Preside at all Board meetings and member events
  • Install all committees with approval of the Board
  • Guide the Board and evaluate progress periodically
  • Coordinate functions of all officers and committees
  • Work with other Board members in establishing chapter goals and objectives
  • Recommend and direct the execution of policies and programs in the interest of the Chapter
  • Ensure the Chapter meets and upholds national standards


  • Perform all duties of the President if the President is absent or unable to perform those duties for any reason
  • Assist the President in coordinating and directing committee activities and chapter operations and perform such duties as may be delegated by the President
  • Recommend goals, objectives, plans and programs to the President
  • Advise the President on matters of policy and procedure
  • Ensure the chapter is upholding its professional development standards
  • Oversee the Strategic Planning Committee
  • This role is ultimately a three-year commitment that begins with President-Elect, evolves into President and ends with Immediate Past President

 Immediate Past President

  • Serve in advisory role to President and Board members
  • Serve as chair of the Presidents Council (made up of past Presidents)
  • Support the programs chair and committee to help ensure professional development activities and logistics are properly managed and communicated to members, prospects, allied professional organizations, and local media
  • Provide topics to share via website of interest to members
  • Complete other duties as assigned by the President

 Secretary/Treasurer (supported by Strategic Association Management)

  • Take detailed notes at each Board meeting and type/send notes to the chapter President within 48 hours
  • Work with President to send meeting agendas, minutes and financial reports to the Board 48 hours in advance of meetings
  • Work with the chapter management firm to create an annual chapter budget and provide monthly financial reports
  • Help manage the chapter budget by being involved in monthly planning to ensure all cost variables are factored in to program planning
  • Ensure all funds are invested and disbursed appropriately, as ordered by the Board
  • Sign checks, approve expenses and fill out/submit financial forms and contracts on behalf of the Board
  • Serve as a liaison for the Board by participating in quarterly best practice calls and/or email communications with PRSA National
  • Assist Board with all financial matters

 Director at Large, Vice President, Marketing and Communications (2-year term)

  • Collaborate with Vice President of Programs, Vice President of Membership, Committee Chairs and President on setting communication strategies and goals for the calendar year
  • Oversee the Communications Committee
  • Work with Communications Committee on outreach to member and non-member audiences about all chapter activities and news
  • Determine distribution schedule of social media and promotional e-blasts, and provide support in drafting copy, as needed
  • Ensure promotion/distribution of chapter events to member and non-member audiences via email, social media and the chapter website
  • Oversee Chapter website content and administration with support from S.A.M. (administration)and President
  • Determine promotions budget and spend in collaboration with Vice President of Programs, Secretary/Treasurer and President

 Director-at-Large/Vice President of Membership  

  • Lead the chapter’s effort to retain and recruit members
  • Oversee Membership Committee
  • Oversee PRSSA/University Outreach Liaisons and provide resources to support their efforts
  • Direct committee efforts to directly via email or phone new members and welcome them to the chapter
  • Share new member information and promotions provided by national on a monthly basis
  • Coordinate new member socials or events as appropriate
  • Serve as the first touch point for PRSSA seniors transitioning into PRSA membership
  • Ensure a diverse membership, working closely with the Diversity & Inclusion Chair

 Director at Large, Vice President of Programs (2-year term)

  • Oversee the Programs Committee and serve as Executive Committee liaison for the Awards Event and Sponsorship Committees
  • Work with President, President-Elect and Programs Committee members to develop the vision for topics and professional development programs for the calendar year
  • Work closely with Programs Committee to plan and deploy programs that will elevate members skill sets
  • Leverage the Board and Programs Committee to help source and select speakers for events
  • Ensure qualified, interesting speakers are scheduled at least two months in advance of events and logistics are in place
  • Work with Communications Committee to engage with member and non-member audiences about all chapter activities and news including e-blasts, social content and chapter website
  •  Highlight program calendar and resources from National on website, including drafting copy for social and/or blog posts, e-blasts
  • Work with Communications Committee to promote professional development webinars provided by National or Sections to Chapter members

  APR Director

  • Promote accreditation with the chapter and encourage eligible members to take the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations – especially in April, which is accreditation month – through education and programming
  • Lead effort to plan and conduct courses and/or seminars to prepare candidates to take the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations
  • Coordinate necessary activities with the Universal Accreditation Board
  • Highlight benefits of accreditation and resources on website, including drafting copy for social and/or blog posts

 Ethics Director

  • Promote the PRSA Code of Ethics throughout the year – especially in September, which is ethics month – through education and programming
  • Assist with coordinating an ethics-themed September program
  • Serve as a Chapter resource on ethics
  • Highlight ethics programming and resources on the Chapter website, including drafting copy for social and/or blog posts

 Assembly Delegates (3)

  • Assembly Delegates are members who serve as the Chapter's representatives at the PRSA Assembly (held in different cities each year) to vote on national by-law changes and the slate of National Board members
  • Represent Chapter members views and opinions during National meetings/events/calls, etc.
  • Participate in Southwest District calls or meetings and report back to the President and Board
  • Assembly Delegates shall be elected by the Chapter membership for a one to three-year term; PRSA Austin Chapter will prioritize accredited members
  • The current President and President-Elect serve as two of the three delegates
  • One open position is always available for another member or director

Committee Chairs and members are expected to: 

  • Participate in Board meetings throughout the year
  • Participate in a minimum six Chapter events
  • Participate in planning or supporting Chapter events
  • Greet and network with attendees at Chapter events
  • Assist with recruiting new members
  • Provide suggestions for fresh Chapter website content

Awards Event Chair

  • Oversee Awards event committee
  • Coordinate with President and Vice President of Programs on planning and logistics for awards program and event
  • Determine award entry categories and criteria
  • Determine entry submission method
  • Secure award judges
  • Coordinate with Secretary/Treasurer on award entry pricing and event budget
  • Coordinate with Communications Committee on promoting award submissions and event
  • Coordinate with Sponsorship Chair on identifying sponsor levels and securing sponsors

 Diversity & Inclusion Chair

  • Promote PRSA national’s diversity initiatives throughout the year
  • Lead the chapter’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives
  • Oversee the Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Work with the Program Committee to execute one Diversity & Inclusion-themed event annually
  • Serve as Chapter liaison for PRSA’s National Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Develop and/or nurtures mentorship programs with youth
  • Serve as a resource for the chapter on diversity and inclusion topics

PRSSA and University Liaisons

  • Meet regularly with PRSSA chapter professors and student leaders
  • Communicate PRSA events relevant to students and vice versa
  • Work with a team of PRSSA liaisons to coordinate professional/student mentorship opportunities, shadow days and scholarships
  • Lead planning efforts for Pro-Am Day, including oversight of the Pro-Am Day event committee and coordination with Executive Committee members
  • Coordinate with Membership Chair on transitioning PRSSA graduates into PRSA membership

Sponsorship Chair

  • Develops Sponsorship levels and benefits flyer
  • Manages the Job Board and Web Sponsors, sending copy to VP of Marketing and Communications for posting
  • Works closely with the Board on funding needs for yearly program calendar and events
  • Pitches sponsorships to local firms to support chapter
  • Identifies Chapter fundraising opportunities

Committee Descriptions:

Awards Event Committee

The Awards Event Committee is responsible for all planning and logistics related to the PRSA Austin Chapter’s awards program and event. The committee is led by the Award Event Chair.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for planning and distribution of traditional and digital communications promoting Chapter membership, events and other related items. Members will also update and maintain the chapter website, develop e-blasts and post regularly to social media account. It is led by the Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Chapter promotes diversity initiatives during the calendar year. It also handles the planning and logistics for one diversity-themed program annually. The committee is led by the Diversity & Inclusion Chair.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for planning all events and communications related to the recruitment and retention of members. It is led by the Vice President of Membership and includes the PRSSA/University Outreach Liaisons and the APR Director. 

Pro-Am Day Committee

The Pro-Am Day Committee is responsible for all planning and logistics related to the PRSA Austin Chapter’s Pro-Am Day event and luncheon. This is a day when students are invited to shadow PR professionals to learn about a day in the life of the industry. The committee is led by the PRSSA/University Outreach Liaisons.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is responsible for planning and logistics of all professional development and networking programs conducted throughout the year. It is led by the Vice President of Programs.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for identifying, pursuing and securing sponsorship support for Chapter programs. This includes creating sponsorship packages for the Chapter and signature events such as the awards program, Pro-Am Day and the Diversity & Inclusion event, among others. It is led by the Sponsorship Chair.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee helps the Executive Committee determine a long-term vision for the Chapter’s future. It is responsible for developing, executing and updating a long-term strategic plan for the chapter. Components of the plan include measurable goals for member recruitment and participation, programming, member engagement and participation, increasing APR participation, etc. The committee is led by the President-Elect and includes involvement of the President.

How to Apply

Please email the following information to current president-elect, Michelle Hargis, at [email protected] by 11:59 p.m. on September 6, 2019.

  • Name, employer and current position
  • Number of years of professional experience
  • Desired position on the PRSA Board
  • One paragraph describing why you want to be on the PRSA Austin Chapter board